Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Modify your Makeup: NARS Gluten Free Products

Ladies -- I have finally found The One. After years in a committed relationship with Laura Mercier skincare products and makeup, I have recently started a love affair with NARS. And this time, its for good. Here are some of the reasons why I am officially a NARS convert:

1. NARS is the only makeup company to offer a complete line of gluten free products. (Having a severe gluten allergy, I couldn't be happier). For those of you who are gluten-sensitive, you probably didn't realize that your makeup most likely includes derivatives of wheat, barley, or oats. This is especially concerning when it comes to lip-wear, as it is unavoidable to digest some of your lipstick or gloss. (Gross, I know, but true). *Note: some of the products are produced on machinery that MAY have traces of gluten. Talk to your makeup provider to make sure.

2. NARS products contain loads of Vitamin E, so they don't clog your pores but instead provide essential nutrients for keeping your skin glowing, soft, and even. Remember, the key to good makeup is starting with really great skin. Why not invest in a makeup line that works with you on creating that bright, even tone?

3. NARS does not test on animals, and is working to eliminate any animal by-products from their line.

4. Rather than being overly pricey, NARS products are comparable, or even cost less, than other department store brands.

5. Never has my skin felt or looked so dewey and soft since I started using NARS foundation and serum. Women have even come up and asked what brand of makeup I use, wanting to buy the products for themselves. (!)

When applying NARS makeup, begin with a fresh, clean face, and apply a thin layer of brightening serum, or any moisturizer of your choice. Women often forget that foundation or tinted moisturizers are not suitable substitutes for a daily facial moisturizer, so make sure to add this to your routine if you haven't already. 
Next, apply a layer of foundation using a wet sponge conveniently provided for you in the packaging. Make sure to dab a bit extra under the eyes and around any red spots. Finally, apply a bit of settling powder to your skin to keep your makeup lasting longer. (Our skin eats about 30% of our makeup throughout the day, so this powder is essential in keeping your look fresh from day to night). 

Simply swab on a bit of lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow if desired, and you're ready! 
**Bonus: NARS has done the makeup for designer shows including Rodarte, Erdem, Phillip Lim, and Christopher Kane. Turn the street into your personal catwalk with this amazing brand!  

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