Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Beneficial Breakfast: Eggs

I don't know about you, but breakfast has never been one of my favorites. The only thing I want to think about that early in the morning is grabbing my favorite mug and turning on the espresso machine. Is there anything truly appealing about soggy whole grain cereal day after day anyways? Plus, it always seemed to me that no matter what I ate, whether it be a berry smoothie, greek yogurt with granola, or a plate of toast, I was never truly satisfied and wound up running to the fridge for a snack a few hours later. That's when I discovered the benefits of eating eggs for breakfast.

Now, I know what you're thinking -- What about the cholesterol? Don't eggs have a lot of calories? And what about all that GREASE?? Like you, I had the same concerns at first, but the more I looked into it, the more I learned that eggs actually have a lot of beneficial qualities, (ehem, protein!), and are much better for you than you'd think. So, despite my reservations, I quite literally swallowed my concerns and embarked on a three-week experiment making eggs the star attraction of my morning meals. Four weeks later, I'm still going strong and am loving every minute. Among the benefits I've experienced include:

1. feeling pleasantly full after breakfast - which lasts me until lunch
2. glowing skin
3. stronger nails
4. a slim stomach after eating (Take that, English Muffins and jam)!

And if all of that's not enough to convince you, I have to add that rather than being monotonous, making eggs for breakfast each morning has been quite a joy! Rather than endlessly pouring the same cereal into a bowl and dousing it with skim milk, instead, I'm enjoying warm omelets filled with roasted vegetables, gorgeous poached eggs with a side of salmon, or, my new favorite, scamblers made with basil olive oil. Also, for those of us who have trouble bouncing out of bed in the morning, grabbing a couple hard-boiled eggs before you run out the door is quick, easy, and has virtually no clean up! (Just remember to pop in a mint before you head out for the day). What could be easier?  So, let's get cracking and enjoy all the benefits of a bountiful egg breakfast.

Happy eating!  xx

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